Technical Films

We combine a variety of materials to form a new product or product constituent.our focus is placed on the production of lamination films, release films, EVA Bags and bonding Film.

Technical Films

Lamination Film:

Lamination Film

Lamination Film is used for packing and wrapping food and pharmaceutical products. An internal layer of packaging material is mainly used for various laminates to perform, e.g., seals. 


Our diversified production capacities and our know-how are tailored precisely to our customers’ individual requirements within the production of lamination films. Due to close cooperation with our customers, we can select the most appropriate lamination film types within our standard product range. Alternatively, we also modify the standard film types to our customer needs by adapting existing films or creating innovative tailor-made solutions. This renders films equipped variably in terms of sealing conditions and required mechanical properties (from stiff to elastic).


Film thickness:  20 – 150 μm

Roll width:  300 – 2200 mm.

Core inner diameter:  76 – 152 mm

Product Applications

Food Packaging


Technical Films

Rubber Release Films:

Rubber Release Films

Our film is used as a liner for the calendered rubber. It prevents the contamination of rubber by dust and other foreign matters that might stick to it during storage before further processing.


Film thickness:  100 – 120 μm

Roll width:  16 – 120 cm

Roll length:  as needed

Roll color:  as needed

Product Applications


Tire linings

Rubber sheeting

Rubber tire patches

Technical Films

EVA Bags:

EVA Bags

EVA batch inclusion bags are especially designed packaging bags for rubber ingredients and additives used in the rubber compounding process. These bags are made of EVA resin which has low melting point and good compatibility with natural and synthetic rubber. These bags of ingredients can be directly thrown into an internal mixer. The bags automatically melt and fully disperse in the rubber as an effective ingredient.



Facilitate pre-weighing and handling of the material.

Ensure accurate dosage of ingredients and improve batch to batch uniformity.

Reduce spill losses and prevent material waste.

Reduce dust fly and provide cleaner work environment.

Improve the process efficiency and reduce the comprehensive cost.


Film Thickness:  30- 60 μm

Film Width:  30 – 65 cm

Product Applications

Carbon black

Silica (white carbon black)

Titanium dioxide

Anti-aging agent accelerator

Curing agent and rubber process oil

Technical Films

Bonding Film:

Bonding Film

PE Adhesive Film for Aluminum Composite Panel. Nowadays, Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) is used in building decorations and consists of two smooth aluminum sheets thermally bonded to a plastic film in a continuous process.

Bonding film is used for layering aluminum composite panels and provide the required bonding strength between aluminum and the high filler polyethylene core. 


Film thickness:  50 – 150 microns

Roll width:  as required

Roll length:  as required

Product Applications

Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP)