Agriculture & Horticulture

With agricultural plastics films, we help our customers to secure and significantly maximize produced output while enhancing crop quality. The growing world population and the continuous depletion of raw material require more productivity with fewer resources available such as water and arable land because of climate change. Agricultural plastic films play a crucial role in helping to enhance crop productivity and quality in such a difficult environment.

Agriculture and Horticulture

Grapevine Cover:

Grapevine Cover

We offer three methods for covering vineyards and protecting grapevines against climate conditions (freezing in winter, rain during harvest, as well as hot charged sun rays.):

Type Optical and thermal Characteristics Use
Non-Thermal (NTh) Low IR effectiveness Forcing and semi forcing crops
Thermal Clear (ThC) High transparency High IR effectiveness Same use as normal film, when higher IR effectiveness requested Preserving NIR IR radiation coming from the sun during daytime.
Thermal diffusing (ThD) Diffusing light High IR effectiveness Same use as normal film, when higher IR effectiveness ad diffusing light effect are requested

Film thickness:  60- 150 μm

Film width:  up to 4m

Film lifetime:  as required

Agriculture and Horticulture

Low Tunnel:

Low Tunnel

Low tunnels provide an ideal environment for plants. They protect vegetables from the effects of frost, wind, and rain. Also, ensure uniformly high quality, help fruit, vegetables and flowers ripen faster. Moreover, our film can be tailored specifically to changing light and temperature conditions for field-grown fruits and vegetables. At the same time, our films help reduce water consumption by reducing evaporation.


Film Thickness:  30- 60 μm

Film Width:  up to 4m

Film Lifetime:  as required

Agriculture and Horticulture

Mulch Film:

Mulch Film

Used for growing fruit and vegetable crops over extensive areas, many films offer the following advantages: 

• Improve crop quality 

• Help water retention 

• Minimize weed spread 

• Soil temperature control 

• Soil disinfection before sowing


Film thickness:  20- 100 μm

Film width:  up to 4m

Film lifetime:  As required

Film color:  White/Black or Silver/Black